Our Mission is to empower young girls through education, capacity building programmes and mentorship as a means to combat teenage pregnancy and backstreet abortion in the South West Region, Cameroon by at least 40% by the year 2022.


We envisage a nation where young girls no matter their background or education have equal opportunities at making healthy choices and maximizing their God given potentials as pillars of their families, communities and the world at large.




To conduct/implement age-appropriate personal responsibility and sexuality education throughout the Communities of South West Region.




To educate and engage parents and communities to initiate opportunities for positive youth development and involvement.




o implement on going awareness of teenage pregnancy prevention using multiple modes of communication in schools, churches, communities, etc.




Continue to create platforms where youths can have productive debates in relation to the fight against abortion.




 Envisage the education of 500 underprivileged teenage girls and mothers and to sponsor 500 start-up businesses or trades for teen girls/mothers who show interest in gaining financial independence for themselves and their children..

She Is A Pillar Campaign

“As a Community and as a State, we must recommit ourselves to our most valuable resource...our Children’’.


There are so many teenagers and young ladies living in the South West Region of Cameroon. They are our children, our neighbors, our patients, our students, our friends, sisters. They have dreams, goals, and aspirations. They want to play a crucial role in our communities. It has always been difficult to be a teenager but it seems today’s teens and young ladies face more challenges than ever before. These challenges threaten their dreams, their goals and their role in the community. The teen of past generations’ biggest worries were about acne, puberty or what they will do after graduation. Today’s teenager faces issues that are more life-threatening and life changing including issues like, youth violence, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion and many others.


  This project is committed to empowering young girls and boys to achieve optimal health, morals and well-being. It will address teen pregnancy prevention, dealing with teen pregnancy and a fight against abortion. The Cameroon teen pregnancy prevention strategic plan is a project that reaches far beyond preventing sexual risk behaviour. Its design encompasses education to youths (especially teenage girls) to take personal responsibility for their actions and their health. It is a plan to prepare them at adolescents for adulthood and to empower them to achieve their life goals.


There are many consequences to teenage pregnancy compared to those who wait to have children. Consequences to the teenage mothers include low educational attainment and probably dropping out of school, exclusion from family, friends and school, low self-esteem and living

in poverty. Their children are more likely to be born at a low birth weight, grow up with some emotionally imbalances, live in a single parent household, experience abuse and neglect and almost end up troubled children. In addition, the daughters of teenage mothers are more likely

to become teenage mothers themselves.


Questions like;

1) Why are teens getting pregnant and what are the problems that surround this issue?

 2) What programmes and services are in place at this time in our community that addresses teen pregnancy and prevention?

 3) How can we fix the problem of teen pregnancy?

 4) What are the barriers that prevent programmes from occurring and keeping teens from using these programs?

Would be are concerns.

Through partnership, we aim to create an environment that will lead to long-term improvements in the sexual health and well-being of young people.

Strategic Plan


Teen pregnancy prevention is so much more than preventing a pregnancy. It is equipping youths to be prepared for adulthood. It gives teenagers the opportunity to reach their personal goals and to be a lifelong positive impact on their communities. It is providing them with decision making skills and positive self-esteem that will have far reaching effects in their life and the lives they touch.


The old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” is so true. It takes everyone working together: parents, community members, school administration and educators, local and state officials, health care administrators and providers. Teenagers are also a part of this equation.


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